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Disabled and need financial help to pay bills & feed 3 kids

hanenotenshi started this conversation

I've been out on disability since 9/06 and have gone through all my savings. I am now 2 months behind on paying the bills and have been selling personal belongings just to buy groceries for the kids.

Any financial assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My parents were helping with bills until my father passed away last month.

Please help.


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Big john 31
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Big john 31
I'm Waiting thei shouldn't be nothing to think about it should already be their John
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Big john 31
How can yo tell if it's working? Too the hear really?
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to Proud
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..





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I am 100 percent disabled my wife and I have been married going on. 46yrs we will be together for eternity there is not problems in this world to tear us apart she was 14 and I was 17 when her mother told me to find a preacher to Mary us I didn't hisitate we start out 1000,00 $in debt every month and are always hoping for a miracle but continue on love does that thanks for your time
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bunny47   in reply to wtfdoidonow
Hey Wtfdoidonow,
Just wanted you to know my prayers are with you. My husband decided to call it quits after 12 years due to my medical issues and his wanting his freedom to fool around. I blame society and Divorce being to easy of an option.
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2 yrs ago my husband of 23 yrs left me for another woman i havent worked for years i was a stay at home mom a year ago i became disabled and in the middle of a divorce an ugly one i might add i have gotten behind in my bills he is suppose to be paying me spousal support he is 3 months behind and it appears that he has no intention on ever paying it but the divorce is suppose to be final his attorney seems to be taking his sweet time drawing up the final papers in the mean time i am about to loose the house i have been in fior the last 10 yrs and my power is going to get shut off and water as well i get 700 a month the house payment is 627 im sinking fast and i dnt know what to do can anyone help me find the resorces i need to apply for grants or assistance
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Eoj   in reply to tabby24
Try TANF organization
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I am 100% physically disabled and have to move. I need help with finances and moving. If someone has a resource or organization that would help or provide me with this problem.
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B. Lollis   in reply to lonnietown
Ask your family members and friends that you've helped first.
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B. Lollis   in reply to batool

Go to your local government agencies or consulate and be aware that the American government no longer is the big brother bail out system. no don't wasting og time appealing to them they are very aware of the operation of mercenaries who have a need. we are tired of passing our citizens by to help someone else's citizens. we had to work through difficult times to become America. It takes a long time to build a government that help its own people and we waited through the tough times for it.
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B. Lollis   in reply to ActivelyThinkPositive
sounds ez to host a student but now days there are tons of issues with immigration and everything it emcompasses this can really backfire in the wrong direction.

Why? I took in a student and it was hell getting him to go back to his country. He got more benefits than me and I'm a black american female with over 17 years military service. And twenty seven years total workforce. He was very ungrateful and had no interest in me or my family well being. He was only concerned about getting the greencard and resurrecting his family so that they could come over and YEP!!! get our jobs we worked for.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we the american people need to stick together and forget that idea it has weakened our economy. I stayed two years in a third world country and was treated like dirt because of my status as an black american from the transatlantic slave trade. Forgot about it. It doesn't work. Serious no go!!!
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B. Lollis   in reply to natasha graham
can you work at all. according to my recent findings SSI allows some work incom up to $800 gross a month and still receive benefits. I know its a mess. I worked twenty seven years non-stop 17 of in military. And fighting VA like hell.

SSDI is nice compared to those guys. Apply for TANF food stamps immediately until you work a part time job like walmart who hires quickly.
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B. Lollis
TANF is a program at the department of social services that can help immediately with your concerns for food, and household expenses. You do have to qualify so start there.
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drew77   in reply to natasha graham
wish I could help I can only give prayer things wil get better keep ur head up
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natasha graham
My adopted mom dad 3brothers grandma n grandma r deceased i have noone to help my ssi only covers rent i need help email me at please i pray this post will help i pray amen
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tabby24   in reply to ClownManAZ
I'm looking for a place. I'm on disability and I have 2 kids
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ActivelyThinkPositive   in reply to ClownManAZ
ClownManAZ, have you ever thought of hosting an international student? The way it has been explained to me, you supply a bedroom and 2 meals, and the student pays you each month ($500 / $600 I've heard). You help them improve their English language skills and help them experience American culture. Maybe worth Googling?
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DesparateAmerican   in reply to Mannie
Manny, I know how you feel. I had GBS too. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I was on a respirator for months. Now I can't work either. At least I can walk with crutches but it's still frustrating.
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DesparateAmerican   in reply to helpifican
Thanks. I just felt a glimmer of hope.
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